About Us


Goals:  1. Improve the quality of life for persons experiencing homelessness.

2. Enhance the community environment of downtown businesses

and their property.



Target population and area:

1. Population

a. Chronic and Other Homeless (men, women, families) in downtown area

b. Re-entry population (persons formerly incarcerated)

c. Low income families living in the downtown area or in close proximity

d. Veterans

2. Area

a. Main Street to 20th Street and Frederick Ave. to Mitchell Ave.

b. Two distinct areas

i.  Downtown businesses (Main to 9th) and

ii.  Residential (9th to 20th)


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The Crossing  Outreach Ministry is a Church that grew out of a ministry that we started 3 years ago. It  is focused on the least of these in the inner city area of St. Joseph, Mo. as we are called to do in Matt. 25: 31-40.