The Crossing Emergency Shelter

In 2019, a large group of community partners assembled to address a need for an Emergency Homeless Shelter.

After a great deal of discussion and finding a partner to provide funding across several agencies The Crossing Emergency Shelter arose in October of 2019.

The Emergency Shelter is here when a life “situation” makes you homeless. The Shelter is designed to help St. Joseph and our surrounding communities where this resource is unavailable. 

How to get into the Shelter?

  • Each day at 4:00pm, we take requests for cots. We do take guests at other times when accompanied by authorities, a hospital release or other approved circumstances.
  • Cots are reserved on a “first-come, first-served” basis.  If we run out of space, you will be put on a waiting list and may call back at 6 to follow up.
  • We have accommodations for men and women.
  • When you arrive, you are required to do an intake interview.
  • You will be supplied with the rules that are to be followed

What is Provided?

  • We provide a Breakfast Bar/Danish each day and coffee from 7am-10am.
  • We are located next to the Open-Door Food Kitchen where lunch is served each day at 11:30
  • We provide dinner each night at 5:30 in our Church building.

What assistance do we provide?

  • We have a Community Health Worker to assist in developing a plan to remove barriers to housing.
  • Our goal is to refer you to resources to get you back on your feet.
  • With a plan and your dedication to the plan, we can assist you in successfully exiting the Shelter.